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Text Placeholder and Replacements

A simple and easy to use tool to manage data which needs to be updated repeatedly or is used multiple times. Replace any text content in your pages with new text or use it to replace static text anywhere on your site.

Works even with search results. Visit the documentation for more detailed information on this.

You can define a placeholder, use it in any block which generates text output and the placeholder will be replaced with its replacement when the page is rendered.

Manage your regularly data updates from just one place in the dashboard.

Restrict the editing permissions of placeholder and replacements by user groups.

Supports Full Page Caching and the Version Online Time Schedule add-on.

Manipulate the replacing on a PHP level with the provided model class, in addition to the dashboard menu page. It even gives you the possibility to replace HTML code. Have a look at the developer section for more.

E.g. if your site has the same statistical number showing up all over the website and the number is changing, usually now every place where the number is used needs to be updated. With the add-on simply use a placeholder wherever the number is used and define as replacement the actual number. If the number changes, just update the replacement.

And that of course works with every content like addresses, phone numbers, footnotes ... every text which is updated repeatedly or is used multiple times is a candidate for a placeholder.


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