The “Professionals” tab. A quite advanced configuration for your theme is possible. Perhaps you didn’t even know about the existence of many functions available! Explore all different tabs under Professionals and get to know how advanced your theme can be.

There are 2 main configurations possible within this tab. These are listed below.

Delete all existing theme files with the entered handle
In case you loaded in a configuration and hit “Make the theme!”, you may get a notification saying

A theme with the handle YOUR_HANDLE is already installed. If you want to continue, use the appropriate field to do so and submit the form again.”

Then this value will be the one you’d want to set to “Yes – Delete all existing theme files”. There are many “No” options available, just to make sure you make the right move here. This because all files will be removed from your directory for the theme and they will be recreated. Make sure you’ve got the proper rights on this directory too. Before setting this value to “Yes”, also make a backup, just in case. Better be safe, right?

Do not edit my Elements and Page Templates by default
By default this value is set to “No”. This will mean that the Add-On will edit your elements and page templates, by adding/changing a bit of needed code, making your life a bit easier. An example of the code it will add:

<?php defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied."); ?>

So no worries about copying that in. It will also add the view theme path to your CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files. So:

<link href="css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Gets translated into:

 <link href="<?php echo $view->getThemePath(); ?>/ css/bootstrap.min.css " rel="stylesheet" />

This all gets done for you, to make your life easier (again). In some situations though, you may be copying over directly from an existing theme or from another developer which already has these variables pasted in and the defined statement. In that scenario, you can set the value to “Yes – Ignore my elements”. No code will be changed nor edited. So you’d better be having the right code now. There are many “No” options available, just to make sure you make the right move here.

Other tabs?

Yes, sir! There are other tabs in the “Professionals” tab which you can click. A lot of stuff to configure.