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Transparent Email Obfuscation

This add-on protects email addresses in content blocks from spam harvesters. It does so by automatically detecting them and converting the html-represetation in a way that is considered safe from spammers but still readable for humans (reversed string with rtl style) . Hovever, upon rendering of the site, a javascript is fired that automatically undos all transformations and restores the original code. So most users won't even notice that anything happened at all. You will only receive less junk mail.

To activate the obfuscation you need to:

  1. Click on the content block you want to protect
  2. Choose "Custom Template"
  3. Choose "Transparent Email Obfuscation"
  4. Press "Update"

If you are looking for a solution that works completely automatic you might also wanto to check out Automatic Email Obfuscator.

(Credits for rtl obfuscation method go to Silvan Mühlemann. Credits for the idea of hooking into the content template go to 12345j)

Source is also on Github

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