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NOTE: This theme is based on a hybrid of Foundation 2 and 3.


Foundations Are Made of Concrete.

A powerful alternative to Bootstrap, Foundation is the new hotness in responsive frameworks. This theme makes your site look great on any size device - ranging from smartphoes (like the iPhone) to small tablets, large tablets (iPad) to regular size monitors!

It has a number of built-in features:

  • Modal function (called 'Reveal') - easily make ANY block display in a modal box!
  • Responsive design
  • hCard (microformat) Block
  • EZ CTA (Call-to-Action) Block
  • EZ Alert Block
  • EZ Button Block
  • Back-end configuration & documentation area:
    • Turn off or on a "sticky footer"
    • Show or hide page descriptions and titles
    • Show or hide breadcrumb bar
    • Add a custom slogan
    • Easy documenation page (with useful links)
  • Beautiful form design
  • FitVids.js Integration
  • Modal navigation menu
  • 9 Page types

Foundation is a theme that allows for rapid prototyping and development of mobile-friendly sites. It is based on the ZURB Foundation Framework.

When displayed on small tablets and smartphones, a modal menu becomes viewable, for easier access (see screenshots).

DEMO: Go to the live demo, and re-size your browser window to see how it responds!

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