Version History


* Replaced deprecated "Loader::element" with "View::element";
* Replaced '_("Access Denied.")' with '"Access Denied."';
* When block used in composer, the block type's name label behind the description will only appear if different from the label (to avoid double naming display);


* Added option to add "Bootstrap Transition" (under Dashboard -> Pages & Themes -> Bootstrap Blocks), to be used with Bootstrap Carousel in combination with transition "fade";


* Image error (upon adding) fixed - missing (deleted) function;


* No div around iframe if no extra classes are added/needed ("Responsive Embed" Block Type) - renders cleaner HTML;
* Developers: Removed view function within "Heading" and "Responsive Embed";
* Developers: Setting $btCacheBlockOutput to "false" (boolean) for all Block Types, which have the "view" function in it;


* Changed "get" database function to "connection" (get is a deprecated function);
* Added translation function to variation options, within the "Alert" Block Type;
* Renamed Block Type names (from "Bootstrap Alert" to "Alert - Bootstrap Blocks"), to read directly what a block is about with all possible concrete5 settings;
* Removed duplicate LICENSE.txt file;


* Added extra CSS file, to text-align reversed block quotes (can be configured within "Pages & Themes" - "Bootstrap Blocks");
* Added missing translate function to carousel controller;
* Tidy up database: Remove config values upon uninstall;
* Tidy up files: Remove unused "use" statements (for all controller files);
* Changed "GetAll" database function to "fetchAll" (GetAll is a deprecated function);


* Initial Release