Q: What is the maximum number of images that your plug-in supports?
A: Basically there is no limit in how many images you can display with this add-on but the loading time of your page depends on it. Here is our demo page with over 40+ images in it. 

Q: The thumbnail images are not displaying on the left side as intended, they have "popped" out above (or below) the large image. What should I do?
A: To display the thumbnail images on the left side, the area containing this block needs to be at least 900px wide, so you need to tweak your template to support this. I recommend using the "full width" page type (if you site's theme includes that). If you get stuck, just submit a support request and include the URL where you've used this block and we'll provide directions for the required tweaks.

Q: How can I hide the "download original" link below the large image?
A: Add the following code to your site's theme CSS file (or just add a "HTML" block on the same page with the same, but add "<style>" before and "</style>" at the end).

Q: When I am accessing the "versions" or "properties" C5 tab on a page that uses this add-on (and the page is NOT in edito mode), I can not use the "spacebar" on my keyboard. Why's that?
A: Good question! This add-on supports keyboard shortcuts to navigate the slideshow. This functionality is turned off while the page is in edit mode, but when the page is not in edit mode, there's no way to selectively turn it off. So if you need to edit the page "properties", it's best to do that via the Dashboard > Sitemap. 


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