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GalleryBox Social Image Sharing

GalleryBox allows registered users of a site to have and manage their own image galleries, much like Flickr.

With user profiles enabled, users can upload images, arrange them into sets, and add metadata.

Users of the site can then comment on images, add them as favorites, or even add Flickr-style notes.

Compatible with Concrete Wall, the creation of image sets triggers a wall notification.

Built to work in conjunction with Concrete Wall Share to open up funtionality of uploading photos directly from 'the Wall'. 

Some minor adjustments need to be made by an administrator prior to installing the package.

Adminstrators will need to adjust permissions to allow registered users to 'view' the Sets area of the dashboard File Manager. See documentation for details.


Changes in 1.6.7

Fixed error when user has not uploaded files, but attempts to view their gallery.

Block bugs fixed if no favorites or images exist.

Bug fix for 5.6+

NOTE: You will again need to adjust user file permissions for GalleryBox to function properly http://yoursite/dashboard/system/permissions/files/

Allow Registered users access to all of the listed items on this page.

Changes in 1.6.5

NEW BLOCK - GalleryBox Search

Fixed watermarking bug if image was not a jpg.

Added translation capability across entire package

Fixed Subscribe button on image view (would show up if disabled).

1.6.5 now modifies global file permissions and activates user profiles on install or upgrade.

Various minor bug fixes.

Changes in 1.6

Added watermarking feature and removed 'public sets' from add-to-sets dialog to avoid confusion.

Changes in 1.5.5

Compatible with concrete5.5

Changes in 1.5.1

Refactored CSS to avoid conflicts with site CSS

Changes in 1.5

Added dashboard pages to allow site owners to customize some features of GalleryBox

Overhauled the styling of all GalleryBox pages

Added ability for image owners to delete user notes

Added RSS feeds of user galleries

Added download button which allows visitors to download full size (can be turned off in the new dashboard page)

Ability to specify the maximum width of your pages to better utilize space your template may allow

Ability to specify maximum width and height of the zoomed image

Better embed code display

Two new blocks added with this package - GalleryBox Recent and GalleryBox favorites



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