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** Note: After about five years of working with concrete5 I've moved onto other projects, so will no longer be updating my packages to future concrete5 releases.  5.7+ is not supported. Best of luck to the team and the community.** 

ProPhoto Image Browser

The ProPhoto block was designed to give a smoother user experience while viewing a set of images, displaying a large primary image with a horizontal filmstrip of thumbs, providing a quick way to jump to other images without having to scroll down the page. It's has smooth transitions between images and 'degrades gracefully', so people can still use it with javascript turned off.

Here are some of the features it provides:

  • Display your set of images as a scrollable filmstrip, or with a grid of thumbs.
  • Display images based on a Tag (eg. Wildlife) or by Set (eg. Featured Images)
  • Customize your design by uploading your own buttons, choosing from one of four style, and picking a selected image highlight color.
  • Set max sizes for your main image and image thumbnails
  • Order By any attribute, in ascending or descending order, or use a custom sequence.
  • Choose which attributes (title, description, date taken, tags, camera format, etc) you want to display on the enlarged image.
  • Link your images to an image detail page to help with search engine indexing, and link your image tags to an image search page (requires additional blocks, or custom coding).
  • *New* - preload images for faster display  
  • *New* - Draggable sorting interface when using the custom image sequence option
  • *New* - Page through images with the left and right arrow keys or by swiping on your touch device. 
  • *New* - Digital Watermarks: protect your images by having them resampled with your company name, website url, or an uploaded image (optional)
  • *New* - resizes down for responsive layouts. 


Photo/Image Gallery Package Deal: Purchase the ProPhoto block with the Billboards, Image Search, and Image/File Details blocks at at 30% discount.

Example 1
: Custom buttons, details page, Embossed Dark style
Example 2: Filmstrip only
Example 3: Pagable Image with Thumbnail Grid
Example 4: Default Installation

Project Page: http://concrete5packages.com/toolbox/prophoto/ 


Sales have ended due to EOL

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