Console Usage

Starting with Backup Pro 3.2 you can now control Backup Pro from the command line, or, as the Mac world calls it, the console (<= you have to imagine it pronounced in a whiny tone). Using Backup Pro from the console is the optimal route since any limitations of the environment, like memory and time boundaries, aren't in effect. Basically, you have free reign over the system which ensures the most stable backup environment possible.

Before you can start using console routing you'll have to configure things first. Since Backup Pro is self contained and relies on the host system for nothing more than routing and view, you have to tell Backup Pro to access your setup outside of your platform. Basically, you have to create a config file with a "special" name. That's it.

To help with this, Backup Pro ships with a sample config file called cli.config.sample.php. To get started, just rename that file to cli.config.php, input the requested details, and you're good to go.


Once you're all configured up, taking backups from the command line is as simple as calling php console.php -B from the console. That, specific, command simply takes a database backup (the default), but you have the below options as well:

  • php console.php -B database Take a database backup
  • php console.php -B file Take a file backup
  • php console.php -B integrity Execute the Integrity Agent
  • php console.php --version Display the Backup Pro version
  • php console.php -h Display the console help screen