Integrity Agent

The Integrity Agent is a passive system within Backup Pro that will watch your system and ensure your backups are occurring when you say they should, and are usable for recovery in the event you ever need them. There are 2 components to the Integrity Agent: Missed Backup Monitoring and Backup Verification.

The Integrity Agent provides color coding to your backup views to show, at a glance, any issues with your backups. Yellow is for unverified, green is for good and verified, and red is for a bad backup that needs investigation.

Backup Verification

The Backup Verification process will ensure your backups are usable for recovery. For example, Backup Verification will ensure your file backups are extractable (to prevent corrupted archives/zip files), and your database backups can be extracted, as well as usable in disaster recovery by importing into a fresh database.

Missed Backup Monitoring

The Missed Backup Monitoring will watch your system and notify you if a backup hasn't happened in the time frame you specify. For example, if a database backup should occur every day, and a file backup every week, but that doesn't happen, you'll receive an email notifying you so you can investigate.