Database Restore

Any database taken with Backup Pro can be restored from within Backup Pro with only a couple mouse clicks. Depending on how you've configured Backup Pro you may be limited in what Database Restore Methods are available, though there'll always be an option available to restore your database.

MySQL Restore Method

The MySQL Restore Method uses the MySQL command line tool to restore a database. Using the MySQL Restore Method allows you to restore ANY database taken with Backup Pro and is generally the preferred method, if at all possible.


  • The MySQL Restore Method requires your system have the exec PHP function available for use.
  • Command line access to the "mysql" command line program

PHP Restore Method

The PHP Restore Method is the default restore engine Backup Pro is configured to use. When used in conjunction with the PHP Backup Method, the PHP Restore Method works seamlessly. The PHP Restore Method streams the backups taken with the PHP Backup Method to your database for simple and painless database restoration.


  • Backups taken with the Mysqldump Backup Method will NOT work with the PHP Restore Method.