The Backup Pro REST Server allows you to make REST requests against your Backup Pro installation and allow complete control over every aspect. The Backup Pro REST API Server uses HMAC Authentication, similiar to the Amazon S3 API, HTTP verbs (a technique which most HTTP clients can easily work with), standardized output using both Hal and ApiProblem formatting. There's even a Composer libary (backup-pro/rest-client) availbale for interacting with the Backup Pro REST Server a breaze.

In order to use the REST API it you must be using Backup Pro >= 3.3 and must be enabled within the Backup Pro Settings module.


Backup Pro uses HMAC-SHA authentication which is a simple key / secret paradigm to create hashed signatures. You can get/set your api key and secret, as well as the API URL endpoint, from your individual Backup Pro installations Settings section.

Take a look at the backup-pro/rest-client library for examples.

Error Handling

If anything goes wrong with a request the API will return an ApiProblem object and cooresponding HTTP status code. For example, the below is the output when an enpoint is requested that doesn't exist:

  "title": "Not Found...",
  "status": 404


All successful requests will be returned in a standard Hal object. This should make it easy for any existing Hal library, in any programming language, to get up and running easily. Below is an example response for a /info/site request:

  "site_url": "",
  "site_name": "mithra62 Development",
  "platform": "Prestashop",
  "file_backup_total": 2,
  "database_backup_total": 6,
  "backup_prevention_errors": [],
  "first_backup": "2016-03-16 19:41:52",
  "last_backup": "2016-03-26 21:29:28",
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/info/site"

Additional Details

Backups Endpoint

Info Endpoint

Settings Endpoint

Storage Endpoint

Validate Endpoint